Don Jaymor Reaches His “Climax” In New Single


Don Jaymor

“Climax” is off of Don Jaymor’s “Misunderstood” album.

Don Jaymor is the definition of a versatile musician. Throughout the years, he has made everything: pop music, R&B music, soul music, electronic music, and more. Aside from singing, he also writes and produces. Don’s latest single is the smooth and combative “Climax.”

Everyone has that one moment in which they feel like they are about to explode; in “Climax,” Don lets us know that the moment has arrived for him. Over a sly instrumental, he uses both soothing and turbulent vocals to let the world know that he’s tired of putting up with his 9-5, his bad relationship, and his desolate thoughts. What I think is cool about the song is that it sounds just as therapeutic as it does thrilling.

I seem to reach my climax anytime I go into a Chipotle and they don’t have any more guac left.


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