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Chlöe Puts On A Show In “Surprise”

Whatchu Think?



What is Chlöe’s end goal with all of these provocative videos? (Trust me, I’m not complaining at all)

Doesn’t it just feel like the R&B princess crown is Chlöe’s for the taking? There’s something about her style that just screams out superstar, to me. While I don’t think any of Chlöe’s past singles have stuck with folks, that hasn’t stopped her from shooting off more. This week, she decided to release “Surprise,” an R&B banger that the FCC isn’t going to like.


“Surprise” is a seductive R&B track that boasts both lustful and meritorious lyrics (Chloe talks about catering to her man in various ways for being a good boy), sexy vibes, and sensual vocals. Overall, the song makes Destiny’s Child’s “Cater 2 U” track sound like some Disney channel s**t.

Can you imagine being Gunna watching this video from jail? If I were him, I legit would start devising an escape plan to come see this girl.

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