Call Me Everyday

Chris Brown (Ft. WizKid)

We’re getting closer and closer to getting Chris Brown’s highly anticipated 10th studio album.

Only a casual would ask why WizKid is on a song with Chris Brown. If we’re being real, they are equally as popular worldwide. With that being said, “Call Me Everyday,” a song that features the two musicians, is a big f**king deal!


There’s Afropop, and then there is afro-jazz; “Call Me Everyday” is on some afro-jazz s**t. The song’s smooth tone, silky melodies, and jazzy instrumental should not provoke you to twerk, call anyone on your money phone, or down some EverClear; it should make you want to slow dance with someone that you love, invest in Vanguard stock, and sip on some fine wine. All in all, this song is on some grown and sexy s**t.

I love that Chris Brown can make songs like this now.