Gotta Move On

Diddy (Ft. Bryson Tiller)

Love got himself a certified love song.

One of the funniest videos I saw this month was the one in which Yung Miami told Diddy that they go together “REAL BAD.” I’m not going to lie, his response to that claim was smooth as hell. Well, Diddy might actually be a love machine for real because today, he decided to release a smooth new track called “Gotta Move On” with Bryson Tiller.


Can we please keep the same energy with Diddy that we have with Drake right now? “Gotta Move On” is definitely on the same Abercrombie & Fitch tip that Drake’s new Honestly, Nevermind album is on. It features a beat that I can see a Fabio-looking muthaf**ka serving some hot butter to, some very intense vocals by Bryson Tiller, simple/cheesy raps by Diddy, and basic lyrics about not being appreciated by both artists. No one in the bando is bumping this.

I bet you this song goes hard on a boat.