When To Say When

Ridge Long

A classic rap song for people who appreciate old-school styles.

Ridge Long is an independent rapper from Maryland. Even though he didn’t have an easy time growing up, Long didn’t let it hold him back. He uses his past to mold his current music, which inspires his down-to-earth and heartfelt songs. Long is known for his catchy flows, hooks, and lyricism. Additionally, he makes a conscious effort to use his music to guide his audience. Where is he guiding them? Away from street life and drug abuse, because Long wants people to learn from his errors. You can find his music on major streaming platforms Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Ridge Long’s newest hit is the classic rap piece, “When To Say When.” The song also has an accompanying music video.

This title track of Long’s latest album is about being under immense pressure. The lyrics explain Long has “been feelin’ it less, lately been consumed by the stress. Not able to rest, feel the pain deep under my flesh.” That’s not all, however; Long also goes on to speak about his previous relationship with drugs. He offers the unique perspectives of harsh reality, discussing death or being locked up. This, of course, comes as a result of being mixed up with the wrong things. In terms of originality, Long’s authenticity reigns in his lyrics. Not only is he knowledgeable, but he stresses these issues with the emotion in his voice to convince his listeners. So, stream Ridge Long’s “When To Say When” to learn how to learn from your mistakes.