Blue Chills

French Montana & Harry Fraud

French Montana smiles a lot. There’s nothing sweet about his last couple of singles, though.

In a few days, French Montana and Harry Fraud will release a new collaboration album called Montega. What I expect to hear on it is a bunch of hard-ass records. One song you will hear on the album is “Blue Chills.”


You can tell that not being respected by some of his peers is weighing on French Montana’s mind like not winning a finals MVP was weighing on Steph Curry’s mind. Throughout “Blue Chills,” French explains himself quite a bit: He explains why he signed Lil Durk, he explains why losing Chinx and Max B f**ked him up, and he explains why he hasn’t strayed too far away from the streets, even though he’s rich as hell. Though the instrumental that he does his work over sounds cold and lonely, he does hit us with a rap style that is pretty bold.

French is a very underrated artist, to me. He makes a lot of dope tracks.

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