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Mistro Pays Homage To “Danny”




Mistro & DirtyMoneyJefe keep it personal, short, and sweet in “Danny.”

Mistro is a young, up-and-coming artist/producer from Baltimore, Maryland. What I like about him is his work ethic. Since the tender age of 12, Mistro, who is currently a student at omega studios in Bethesda, Maryland, has been putting together monster rap verses. These days, I consider him to be an extremely polished musician. Mistro’s latest release is the four-track EP titled Infatuation. One of the best songs from the project is the very powerful “Danny.”

“Danny” is powered by an emotional trap beat that you will definitely feel in your soul. Over it, Mistro and DirtyMoneyJefe hit us with highly infectious melodies, steady flows, and lyrics that highlight their rough come-ups, their willingness to welcome smoke, their trap mentalities, and the promises that they made to their fallen friend. More than anything, this is a track that is way too intoxicating and real to ignore.

If you like “Danny,” I highly recommend that you give Mistro’s whole Infatuation EP a shot.

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