Mr. Johnny Ba$h

“EXPOSURE THERAPY” is a short but sweet track about finding happiness.

As I mentioned in the post I did for his previous single, “I Love That Cali Weed,” Mr. Johnny Ba$h is a fearless artist that sees no boundaries. The way he switches between genres such as hip-hop, punk rock, and more is hella impressive. In his latest single, “EXPOSURE THERAPY,” Johnny channels an irresistible garage punk sound.

“EXPOSURE THERAPY,” which has amazing artwork that was created by Delilah De La Cerda attached to it (Make sure you check out more of her artwork HERE), is 0:47 of pure excitement! For starters, the song is powered by an uptempo instrumental that boasts these hard-hitting drums that are hard to ignore. Over the instrumental, Johnny surfs to the finish line using a vocal style that sounds both spellbinding and stimulating. Though the song is short, it accomplishes one major thing: It makes listeners experience what it really feels like to be alive.

Give “EXPOSURE THERAPY” by Johnny Ba$h a shot below.


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