Jae Szn

A captivating hip-hop track that gets real about fake people.

Detroit, Michigan-based musical creative, Jae Szn, is an up-and-coming musical artist ready to share his attention-grabbing tunes with the world. With plenty of passion for his work, Jae Szn’s music offers up a unique sound that’s truly unforgettable. Some of his previous tunes include tracks like “FWM” and “contract paper.” Since first beginning his musical journey, Jae Szn has only continued to craft new ear-pleasing tunes for his listeners. His latest drop is the hip-hop single “PWSE.”

With a mesmerizingly melodic backdrop of beats, “PWSE” offers up an easygoing and infectious soundscape to complement its personal reflection. Lyrics like “You can’t be mad and continue to sit back/To hit a home run, you got to be at bat” and “The top never seemed so close/Funny, the ones that doing nothing talk the most” unapologetically calls out two-faced people. With plenty of exciting elements, Jae Szn uses “PWSE” to show off his most authentic self, as the artist confirms that he’s done playing games.