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Lil Durk & Doodie Lo Unite For “Did Shit To Me”

Did Shit To Me

Lil Durk (Ft. Doodie Loc)

Lil Durk is about to release the highly-anticipated deluxe version of his “7220” album.

Even though Lil Durk’s popularity is at an all-time high right now, he hasn’t shifted away from his gangsta roots (If anything, he’s even more gangsta today). A good chunk of the songs that I’ve heard from him in the last couple of months has been on some treacherous s**t. Today, Durk decided to return to the music scene with yet another mean-ass record: “Did Shit To Me” with Doodie Lo.

Do you know what “Did Shit To Me” reminds me of? A more murderous version of Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek’s “Coming Of Age” track. In the song, Durk and Doodie Lo go back and forth on some heinous s**t, doing everything in their power to out-gangsta the other. If you like No Autotune, Ruthless, and Vengeful Durk, you will probably like this song.

If I am in Chicago and my GPS starts sweating, I’m taking my ass back to the airport.

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