Coi Leray Is Demanding In “Involved”

Coi Leray wants you to sip on her Wonton soup all night long.


Coi Leray

Coi Leray wants you to sip on her Wonton soup all night long.

One of the things that warmed my heart the most this past Father’s Day was seeing Coi Leray pay homage to her dad Benzino on her social media accounts. Everyone knows how turbulent their relationship has been these past couple of years, so seeing her turn the other cheek (At least for that day) was cool to see. Now that Coi got her pleasantries out of the way, she is ready to go back to being a demon. In “Involved,” she is definitely on demon time.


Do you like it when your girl tells you how to eat it, rub it, wax it, tax it, or smack it? In “Involved,” Coi Leray does just that. Over an instrumental that will make you want to swirl over and over again, Coi Leray keeps it blunt when it comes to how she wants her and her body treated. Instead of relying on some hardcore rap s**t, she relies on smooth vocals that are meant to hypnotize men that wear Gucci flip flops to buzz their girls into their apartments.

This is a good song, right? (I don’t want any fishy behavior from you hatin-ass men)

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