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DaBaby & Davido Unite For “SHOWING OFF HER BODY”


DaBaby & Davido

S**t, DaBaby is not canceled in Abuja, so let’s rock!

Someone posted a tweet that made me laugh but also shake my head. It said, “Can you believe that DaBaby hasn’t been in trouble in a whole month?” While that is not something a normal person would celebrate, that’s actually a huge accomplishment for the North Carolina rapper. To celebrate his crime sobriety, he decided to release a brand new single called “SHOWING OFF HER BODY.”


Another Friday, another major summer release! “SHOWING OFF HER BODY” mashes up melodic raps with jolloff-proofed vocals; hip-hop vibes with Caribbean vibes; and sly lyrics with sexy lyrics. I think the song provides the exact mood you need to get some work done at a beach with fine-looking people.

DaBaby can’t punch anyone with a Pina Colada in his hand, right?

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