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End Game


Rayoe’s style is smoother than a bowl of Banku.

Rayoe is a talented Ghanaian-born, LA-based musician that has momentum on his side. Despite a few bumps in the road (Including a federal narcotics seizure case), Rayoe is striving, garnering a bunch of streams every single time he releases something new. His latest release, “End Game,” highlights the exact reason he is someone you should have your radar on.

“End Game” is powered by a beat that knocks harder than Jehovah’s Witnesses and has a bit of a sinister feel. Over it, Rayoe hits us with raps that let the world know what kind of women intrigues him, how he meets every challenge that comes towards him at the rim, and the struggles that come with hopping from one country to another. The way Rayoe slips between sly and aggressive deliveries definitely catches my attention. I also like how his flows are consistent and his tone always feels buoyant. You can tell Rayoe believes he belongs.

Give “End Game” by Rayoe a shot below.

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