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Feel Good

NBA YoungBoy

Now that Rudy Gobert has been traded to the Wolves, NBA YoungBoy and Donovan Mitchell are the only two brothas holding down Utah.

I will never understand why NBA YoungBoy’s music garners massive amounts of streams. I don’t need to understand either. What I will say is this, though: I think it’s genius on NBA’s part that he constantly brings out new music videos (Every video he releases probably results in a milli more to his bank account). Today, the Louisiana native decided to release “Feel Good,” yet another emotional track in which he sings fearlessly and talks about living life to the fullest.


“Feel Good” is a smooth banger that features a splash of gritty raps and tons of passionate crooning. In his verses, NBA YoungBoy reminds us that he’s enjoying his time at home (He’s currently on house arrest), that he wears Jimmy Choos, and that he is a woman-pleaser. All in all, “Feel Good” is simply a solid YoungBoy throwaway track.

I love how much NBA YoungBoy doesn’t give a f**k.


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