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Self Explanatory (Album)


Ne-Yo lets the music speak for itself in “Self Explanatory.”

Ne-Yo is one of the few musicians in the game today that is playing with house money. If you would’ve told me that he would have a sixteen-year career in 2006, I would’ve slapped you with my man purse. Well, guess what? That’s what happened! Today, Ne-Yo decided to return to the music scene with Self Explanatory, a thirteen-track project that features some very solid music.


Ne-Yo hasn’t missed a beat. Self Explanatory features slow jams, 90s-Esque R&B jams, 80s-Esque R&B jams, passionate R&B jams, modern-day R&B jams, and duets with Trippie Redd. Though this project will probably go ham at the telly, I also think it is something that you can listen to all by your lonesome in a chill environment.

Give Self Explanatory a shot below.

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