Never Slept Better (Album)

Travie McCoy

Travie McCoy was once one of my favorite rappers.

Travie McCoy deserves his flowers. Not only did he bless the world with “Billionaire” in 2010, but he also is the co-founder of the legendary rap-rock group Gym Class Heroes. This past weekend, Travie decided to return to the music scene with Never Slept Better, a 17-track project that features some very powerful music.


In this new album, Travie talks about all of the trials and tribulations that he has been through and also gives the world a peek into his childhood years. You’ll love how he meshes his vulnerable words with animated deliveries and alternative hip-hop vibes.

Give Never Slept Better a shot below.


1. ..never slept better..

2. Stop it

3. Déjà Fait

4. Loved Me Back to Life

5. The Bridge (Ft. Elohim)

6. Down and Out in L.A.

7. matty’s mattresses: deluxe la

8. A Spoonful of Cinnamon

9. Another Round

10. Full Monarch

11. matty’s mattresses: from larvae to monarch

12. I am Pagliacci

13. The Best Part of Revenge

14. Karma Kama Sutra

15. Broken Barometer Blues

16. matty’s mattresses: weatherproof

17. I’ll Never Be Loved (Ft. Hamzaa)


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