Milez Gives Thanks to “Tirade’s Blessings”

Tirade’s Blessings


A hip-hop track with pop and personality.

European musical creative, Milez, is an 18-year-old rapper who takes inspiration from UK trap, Italian hip-hop, and drill. Clearly, Milez is an artist who loves to experiment with many different world sounds. Being half Italian and half English, his background is a vital part of his experimental style; this style fuses UK and Italian rap for a powerful sound that reflects Milez’s multicultural heritage. There’s no comparison when it comes to his music. He claims about his music that “power and energy run through metal, and I have found my metal in music.” He is currently signed to the independent record label Affiliated, and his discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Milez’s latest drop is the UK hip-hop single “Tirade’s Blessing.”

Pop-rap infectious beats make themselves into a song in “Tirade’s Blessing.” Even without the lyrics, this would be a dance hit. However, the lyrics focus on the individuality of Milez’s experiences, and they make it clear that he is his own person. These verses talk about “Dancing to my own flow, My feet stumble over cool beats, I don’t need nobody” and “Double figures when I work with the team, One of a kind but I work for the cream.” At the same time, they are carefully delivered by Milez to express that sense of being alone, even in a group. We interpret it to be a hit about being yourself despite the circumstances holding you down. This song is the perfect listen for hip-hop lovers looking to discover themselves a bit more. So, stream Milez’s “Tirade’s Blessings” to learn what a blessing you are as a person.

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