Sean Kingston & Chris Brown Ride Down “Ocean Drive”

Sean Kingston’s prime did not last long enough…

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Sean Kingston/Spotify

Ocean Drive

Sean Kingston (Ft. Chris Brown)

Sean Kingston’s prime did not last long enough…

When Sean Kingston was poppin, he could do no wrong. His melodies were hitting hard, his Jamaican accent was cool, and strangely, he was a ladies man. These days, he’s certainly struggling to get songs to stick with people. The good news about Sean’s prime is that he was able to garner a lot of relationships during that time. One of his strongest relationships is with Chris Brown. The two crooners decided to unite for “Ocean Drive.”

I’ll be blunt: “Ocean Drive” sounds too formulaic and pop tart to me. Yes, the song boasts gorgeous summer vibes, but I just feel like the subject matter (The song is about treating a girl that has been through some things right), the melodies, and the beat sound basic. In this day and age, vibes are enough to make someone press play on some s**t, though. 

Give “Ocean Drive” a shot below.

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