Save Me

Southside & Lil Durk

This might be my favorite Durk release this year.

One thing about Durk is that he’s going to make an emotional banger. One thing about Southside is that he’s going to hook someone up with a beat to get their emotions off. In “Save Me,” Southside and Durk make the perfect tandem.


Do you know what I really like about Durk’s music? It’s relatable. You may not have opps and s**t, but you can relate to the feelings of trying to find your happy place. With that being said, “Save Me” is a very solid emotional banger in which Lil Durk blesses us with an intoxicating hook and melodic raps that are really supposed to strike a chord with you. Personally, I feel like the song has the kind of touch that anyone will love.

Give “Save Me” a shot below.

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