Stone Rolling

Rod Wave

Aw s**t, we may have to put away the hoochie daddies when Rod Wave’s new album releases.

Rod Wave has decided to double, triple, and quadruple down on making hood emotional music. I’m not mad at that either because we are entering into one of the most depressing times in the history of civilization. Today, Rod decided to bless us with a new single titled “Stone Rolling.” As expected, on it, he sings like a dude that is auditioning for a role on Young & The Restless.


In “Stone Rolling,” Rod Wave sings passionately about spending time on the road and struggling to find a place that he can call his home. The hook to the song gives me country music vibes, while Rod’s verses give me touching rap vibes. If you are a cryer, keep the tissues close to you while listening to this joint.

Listen to “Stone Rolling” by Rod Wave below.

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