Songs By Ruth Says “Bring It On”

“Bring It On” is a touching pop song.

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Bring It On

Songs By Ruth

“Bring It On” is a touching pop song.

Songs By Ruth is a singer-songwriter that makes truly inspirational and positive music. While I think she has an excellent voice, it’s her powerful lyrics that really catch my attention. Songs By Ruth’s last couple of releases have been “I Love You,” “Go Girl Go,” and “What We Need.” Her latest single is the touching “Bring It On.”


In “Bring It On,” Songs By Ruth talks about the resiliency women usually need in today’s world. What I love about the song is that it features highly intoxicating melodies, powerful vocals, and an instrumental that has just the right amount of gentleness and punch. Overall, this is a song that is really easy on the ears.

Give “Bring It On” a shot below.

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