Wash Ya Hands

Chef Rambo (Ft. FBN Kade)

Chef Rambo is a problem.

Chef Rambo is emptying the clip in 2022. This year alone, he has released the very impressive Nylr project, the extremely tough “Belligerent,” and the explosive “Bathing Ape.” As I said a few weeks ago, I like how Rambo tries to destroy everything around him whenever he hops on the mic. Recently, Chef decided to release “Wash Ya Hands,” yet another track in which he shows no mercy to a beat.

First and foremost, I f**king love the beat attached to “Wash Ya Hands.” That s**t has a nice bop and a chilling vibe that I enjoy. The good news is this: Both Chef Rambo and featured guest FBN Kade meet the beat at the rim with abominable flows, ferocious deliveries, and lyrical content that indicates that their success has brought them money, cars, haters, and women that belong to other people. More than anything, this song is one that lets people know that this generation of Canadian rappers are just as hard as anyone else.

Give Chef Rambo and FBN Kade’s “Wash Ya Hands” track a shot below.