Space Case

A wicked indie tune about you-know-what.

Nashville, TN-based music team, Space Case, is a dream pop/indie rock duo made up of singer Danny Johns and producer Ryan Melone. Together, the artists are creative, sassy, and even a little romantic. Space Case independently releases all its music through Gumdrop Records; however, their work is available on Spotify and SoundCloud. Some of their previous work includes tracks like “Really Wanna,” “Until It’s Over,” and “Asking for a Friend.” Space Case’s latest drop is the indie pop single, “Beefcake.”

“Beefcake” is groovy, pop-filled, and sexy. Lyrics like “I’m the whole meal, used to be a snack. On my new thang, change my mood ring” and “I’m a boy toy, but look, don’t touch. Still bringin’ it from Troy, that’s a Trojan, hushhh” keep things carefree and quirky. There’s nothing heavy about this piece; it’s simply meant to be as fun and silly as it can be. With ear-pleasing elements and a vibe that would have you dancing in no time, Space Case’s latest creation is a jam. So, press play and dive into their delightful “Beefcake” of a song.