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Urban Fu$e Speaks About Investments In “Retire In Peace”

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Retire In Peace (RIP)

Urban Fu$e

Take notes while listening to “Retire In Peace.”

Urban Fu$e is the brainchild of songwriter/producer team Suzanna Lam and Jimmy Abreu. What the collective creates is multi-layered, well-written, and high-powered music. Urban Fu$e’s latest single is “Retire In Peace.”

I love what “Retire In Peace” stands for. In the song, you get informative lyrics that revolve around smart financial moves. In other words, after listening to the song, you should understand why it’s important to invest your money. What’s also dope about the song is that it features a hook that is catchy and raps that are both appealing and hard-hitting. Why not soak up a song that is fun to listen to and even funner to learn from?

Give “Retire In Peace (RIP)” a shot below.

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