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Bachi & Apollo1027 Link Up For “Andale”


Bachi & Apollo1027

Bachi shines in “Andale.” 

Florida native, Bachi, is a rapper and producer that is bringing some heat to rap music. His sound reshapes the genre with a unique, laidback style that maintains his grassroots roots. In 2016, Bachi dropped his debut single, “DNT KNW,” on SoundCloud. Recently, he released a few more songs, including hits like “HOT” and “I Gotta Rise Up,” which appeared in ads for NBA2k, BeatsbyDre, and ESPN.  Along with his songs, Bachi also released his debut album, Shleeep!, in 2018. All of these songs are available on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Youtube. In 2022, Bachi teamed up with Apollo1027 for his latest single, “Andale”. 

“Andale” spices up the summer by being an anthem anyone can vibe to. In Bachi’s verses, he hypes up his lavish lifestyle, his girl, and how successful he is. The song illustrates everyone’s wishes for an easy, glamorous lifestyle and what it’s like to have it all. Though the chorus draws people in, it’s the beat that makes people listen. Bachi and Apollo1027 sing-rap over a lively, fast tempo rhythm that, with soft guitar loops, remind me of “Spicy” by Ty Dolla $ign and Post Malone. “Andale” blends rap and Latin music elements to make the summer’s hottest song.

Listen to Bachi’s new single, “Andale,” below. 

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