212 Laurent Rides To Where The "Sun Falls"

Sun Falls

212 Laurent

Ironically, 212 Laurent shines bright in “Sun Falls.”

212 Laurent is a New-York based rapper that you need to pay close attention to. In 2020, he dropped his debut single, “Blessed Up,” which began his artistic indie flow. Since then, Laurent released a few further singles, including “Going Savage,” “Truth or Dare,” and his first EP, Valet Pack. All of his music is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Recently, 212 Laurent released another EP, titled Valet Pack II, which contains singles such as “Sun Falls.”

“Sun Falls” sets a dark vibe coated over powerful drums that fuse the rapper’s rhythmic flow with deep lyrics. In this hit, Laurent reminisces about the aftermath of a horrible breakup that destroyed him mentally. After beginning to recover, he started to grow as a person and became wildly successful. Now, we hear him rapping about fast cars, traveling around the world, and turning cold on his friends by not giving them anything. These lyrics emphasize his moodiness and pain with a beat that builds off the soulful vocals in the background. This song is the perfect way to get through those hard times. So, stream 212 Laurent’s “Sun Falls” to learn where the sun is lowest in your life.

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