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Super Freaky Girl (Queen Mix)

Nicki Minaj (Ft. JT, BIA, Akbar V, Maliibu Miitch & Katie Got Bandz)

F**k chivalry, America is a freaky country now!

It’s very ironic that “Super Freaky Girl (Queen Mix)” was released a few hours after the Queen of England passed away at 96 years old. As we pay homage to her, we might as well pay homage to all of the other queens of the world too, right? “Super Freaky Girl (Queen Mix)” features a bunch of young black queens.

I think this “Super Freaky Girl” remix is very entertaining. In the song, Nicki Minaj’s bubbly raps go toe to toe with JT, BIA, Akbar V, Malibu Mitch, and Katie Bandz’s dynamic and amusing raps. While I think BIA is the one that shines the brightest, I can honestly say that everyone put up very good verses.

Give “Super Freaky Girl (Queen Mix)” a shot below.

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