Who’s Gonna Love You Tonight?

Snakehips (Ft. Tinashe)

This song features one of Tinashe’s best performances of all time.

After dropping the fantastic “2 On,” I feel like Tinashe has struggled to find her groove. Don’t get me wrong, she has been featured on some very enjoyable songs; I just don’t think she has found a sound that completely works for her. With that being said, Snakehips might have found one that could work. In “Who’s Gonna Love You Tonight,” their latest collaboration, Tinashe absolutely shines bright.

So why am I so high on “Who’s Gonna Love You Tonight?” Well, for starters, I think the song features an instrumental that feels so damn invigorating and powerful. Tinashe does a great job of meeting the instrumental at the rim with vocals that sound urgent, uplifting, passionate, and wide-ranging. While you might not find someone to love you tonight while listening to the track, you will fall in love with the song.

Go ahead and listen to “Who’s Gonna Love You Tonight” by Snakehips and Tinashe below.

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