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BLEU & Nicki Minaj Join Forces For “Love In The Way”

IMG via Spotify

Love In The Way

BLEU (Ft. Nicki Minaj)

“Love In The Way” is a smooth summertime jam that arrives shortly before the summer is scheduled to end.

In the midst of calling out PnB Rock’s girlfriend, sending subs at her competition, and obliterating Garcelle Beauvais, Nicki Minaj teased a brand new song she did with BLEU called “Love In The Way.” It was the most boring thing she did.

“Love In The Way” is powered by a smooth, island instrumental that will put you in a blissful mood. Over the instrumental, Nicki Minaj hits us with hard-hitting raps that highlight her approach when it comes to handling a moody partner. As for BLEU, he hits us with passionate vocals that highlight his approach when it comes to fully loving on someone. The two musicians don’t sound like they are on the same page. Oh well, s**t is fire!

Give “Love In The Way” a shot below.

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