Azizz Is "WAY2GOOD"



A feel good Afrobeats and R&B serenade.

Hailing from Chicago and Lagos, Azizz is a captivating singer & songwriter. While being active in the Chicago music scene since 2009, he’s amassed great influence upon the Chicago youth. Azizz not only wants to spread his sound through the city but also globally. His style is a bit more complex and varied than his intentions. This artist creates music that is best described as Afrobeats with a dash of R&B. Most of his music is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Azizz’s newest single, “WAY2GOOD,” will have you feeling wine drunk by the end.

“WAY2GOOD” is a song you dance to in the moonlight. Despite its upbeat tempo and attractive vocals, it’s meant to be romantic and slow enough to make you want to get your groove on. Azizz has a seductive and flirty voice over a rhythmic afrobeat. He’s clearly into someone but isn’t given the time of day by that same person. It’s that feeling of chasing someone playing hard to get who may not love you too. Lyrics like “And I’m showing my intentions for you/ But you’re acting way too good for me” and “Playing me right and you’re playing me left” make you feel like you’re in your own rom-com.

Stream Azizz’s “WAY2GOOD” below.