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Fabolous & Dave East Go “BACH TO BACH”

IMG via Spotify


Fabolous (Ft. Dave East)

If you can’t do TOYOTA TO TOYOTA, then I’ma stay home.

Both Fabolous and Dave East are probably bigger in the streets than anywhere else. For several years now, the two MCs have blessed the world with major street records. Based on everything that I just said, it makes perfect sense that their chemistry is on point in this new track “BACH TO BACH.”

I have to get this out of the way immediately: I’ve always loved the “Can’t Stop The Reign” beat from back in the day. Kudos to DJ Quik and them. What Fabolous and Dave East do over this flipped version of the beat is hit us with a bunch of clever punchlines, and lyrics that folks who worked hard to get to a position in which they can splurge can relate to. They also do this back-and-forth s**t that I think sounds dope as f**k.

Listen to “BACH TO BACH” below.

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