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Nothing Even Matters


This crazy world we are living in needs more SiR.

Yeat’s music makes me feel like an old head. SiR’s music makes me feel like a wise old soul. My doctor told me that I need more of SiR’s music in my life. Today, the 35-year-old singer decided to return to the music scene with “Nothing Even Matters,” a track in which he actually shows tons of passion.

In “Nothing Even Matters,” SiR talks about being fortunate that he is dealing with a woman that “loves him better” than anyone he has ever dated. The glow, the emotion, and the tranquility that he sings with definitely tell me that he’s seen real love at least once in his life. The instrumental that he sings over tells me that good vibes is something I would pay for.

Listen to the powerful “Nothing Even Matters.”

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