Live Performance

INFJ Kenzo

If you’re in LA in October, pull up to INFJ Kenzo’s live show.

INFJ Kenzo is a highly-talented rapper from Santa Monica who makes music full of introspective lyrics and exciting vibes. While he’s been doing his thing for quite some time now, this year, he’s had his foot on the gas as he’s released a few tracks like “Everyday,” “Hungry,” and “Great Gatsby.” On October 20, Thursday, at 7 PM, INFJ Kenzo will be performing live in the legendary Club Bahia in Los Angeles.

So what can you expect to hear at this show? Unreleased tracks from INFJ Kenzo’s upcoming album, The Wage Of Beter Angels: A Treatise To The Truth. He will also unveil his streetwear brand, OTAON x Streetwear (Luxury hoodies, short and long-sleeve shirts, jogger pants, and sweatshirts). Lastly, his fans will be able to get a chance to purchase an unreleased physical CD collector’s edition together with an 11 x 17 signed poster for free!

Get your tickets now and join INFJ Kenzo on October 20!




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