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Made Rich

NBA YoungBoy

I really like how NBA YoungBoy flexes.

Congratulations to NBA YoungBoy. The other day, he welcomed his 10th child to the world. For most of us, paying for ten children would be considered a hefty task; for YB, someone who is rich, that s**t is probably a mere bag of shells. How do I know that? Well, today, the Louisana native decided to drop “Made Rich,” a song in which he lets us know that he’s swimming in more money than Scrooge McDuck.

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In “Made Rich,” NBA YoungBoy says that the girls he messes with are only down to rock with dudes that got serious Mula (Welp, I’m eliminated). What I like about the song is that it has a playful feel as NBA YoungBoy relies on laidback melodies and lyrics that (Surprisingly) never get too violent. Overall, I like hearing a version NBA that is down to s**t on his competition without using guns.

Give “Made Rich” by NBA YoungBoy a shot below.