Aaliyah Nicole Goes "OUT IN SPACE"


Aaliyah Nicole

A cosmic, chill R&B song that leaves you floating.

Aaliyah Nicole is a down-to-earth R&B artist that blends soul, R&B, and hip-hop elements in her music. Since 2019, Nicole has been releasing alternative-style songs that levitate minds and bodies. As a result, she’s described herself best as an antisocial artist keeping a low profile. Nicole’s work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Her newest song, “OUT IN SPACE,” has already become an intergalactic hit among her audience.

“OUT IN SPACE” is a confessional song that has an “out of this world” sound. For starters, the production has a mix of classy piano notes and beautiful synths. Nicole sings with a grounded, yet raspy voice, and her topic of choice is her mistakes in love. Because of love, she’s lost and alone. She’s floating in outer space due to her acts of manipulation and the temptations that surround her. Lyrics like “I know I made mistakes out through the way” and “My heart can’t bear this pain” give the listener a glimpse inside of what she’s going through. It takes a lot to admit or come to terms with your own faults, but Nicole does it in a way that doesn’t make being vulnerable so scary. So, stream Aaliyah Nicole’s “OUT IN SPACE” to know what it feels like to lose your greatest love.

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