The Return


“The Return” will hit streaming platforms on October 28.

Anizzy is a recording artist born in Kerala, India but raised in Houston, Texas. What music fans will love about him is that he likes to mesh Bollywood elements with traditional R&B/Hip-Hop vibes. With the release of his upcoming single, “The Return,” he looks to further prove to the world that he’s someone you should pay very close attention to.

In “The Return,” Anizzy unites with sound engineer Dyllyn Greer of Houstonology Studios. What they are able to create is a melancholic track that speaks about how Anizzy hates his 9-5 job and how unhappy he is as his vacation with friends comes to an end. What you will enjoy about the song is that it tells a tale that everyone can relate to. You’ll also like how the song merges everything from kicks to claps to hi-hats to booms to synths. It’s an overall entertaining track.

“The Return” will be out on October 28. In the meantime, connect with Anizzy to learn more about his career and music by clicking the links below.





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