Take Me


An R&B hit that brings out all the feelings.

RAMIAN is a Kenya-based artist who uses his raw emotions to make his mark in the genre of R&B. In 2020, the musician drops his debut EP, If I Never Cared, and a few more singles following. RAMIAN released his second EP, If I Never Cared II, along with more singles, including “Sunsets in the Summer” and “city lights.” RAMIAN has also released other hits that focus on changing the genre of R&B into something different. His whole discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.  In 2022, RAMIAN released his most recent single, “Take Me.” The song also has an accompanying lyric video.

“Take Me” explores another side of love that we normally don’t hear in love songs. This hit feels like a first-hand experience of the aching fear of falling in love with someone. As a result, we cling to this new love, hoping it’s better than the last. RAMIAN sings with such emotion as he tries to hold in the insecurities, but slowly throughout the song, he opens up. He wants real love that makes him feel safe and he knows that trust is what makes true love. The lyrics blend perfectly with the rhythmic sounds of R&B and clashes of piano keys that leave anyone thinking about the deeper meaning of romance. 

Stream RAMIAN’s “Take Me” below.