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Therapy Pt. 2

Robert Glasper (Ft. Mac Miller)

Mac Miller’s music is aging so well.

Mac Miller was special. As a matter of fact, if he was still alive today, I think he would battle for the top spot in hip-hop. Mac was so ahead of his time, his posthumous verses from four and five years ago sound like some 2022 s**t. Today, Robert Glasper decided to release “Therapy Pt. 2,” a track that features a few posthumous Mac Miller verses.

“Therapy Pt. 2” sounds like some unadulterated, old-school, and organic hip-hop s**t. Not only does the song’s beat boast DJ scratches, but it also boasts these jazzy elements that are very soothing to listen to. As for Mac Miller, he approaches the song cooler than a cucumber, hurling out bars about the people he is loyal to and the mentality he used to live by. While I’ve come to love R&B Mac, hip-hop Mac absolutely shines here.

Give “Therapy Pt. 2” a shot below.

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