Alan Fairfield

An emo rap song that will give you a confidence boost.

Based in New Hampshire, Alan Fairfield is a motivational artist that creates music that inspires his listeners. His sound is a diverse one: it’s a culmination of different genres like hip-hop, pop, and rock. Alan hopes that when others listen to his music, they feel motivated to reach their goals. When Alan is not working on music, he spends most of his time at the gym as a personal trainer. His newest single, “Icey,” was written with the intention to pump gym-goers up.

“Icey” has an infectious sound that was made to hype you up. It’s a mix of pop, hip-hop, and emo, which makes it sound uniquely crafted. Throughout the song, Fairfield sings about diamonds, the limelight, and representing the people he’s with. What’s the “icey” part then? It’s the feeling of success. The chorus is catchy and melodic with the lyrics “icey on my wrist” being a memorable chant. As a listener, you will feel the same joyous sensation of finally making it along with Fairfield. All in all, “Icey” is a song that will get you in the right mood; whether it be right before an important presentation or at the gym while deadlifting. So, stream Alan Fairfield’s “Icey” to help give yourself a surge of motivation.

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