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NAV (Ft. French Montana)

Do you think Rihanna made NAV and French Montana cut a check for using her brand’s name for this song?

NAV and French Montana are cut from the same cloth. Both are non-black artists that probably don’t get the respect that they deserve from the music industry. With that being said, I think it’s very appropriate that they decided to unite for “Fenty.”

If you are a NAV and/or French Montana hater, you might want to close your eyes for what I am about to say… The two rappers absolutely shine in “Fenty.” While I don’t quite love the bass-booming beat that they do their work over, I can’t deny how they ride it and hit us with slick-ass raps that make them seem like them dudes. Damn, I am impressed.

Give “Fenty” by NAV and French Montana a shot below.

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