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Roddy Ricch (Ft. Lil Durk)

“Feed Tha Streets 3” will hit streaming services this Friday.

Do you know what’s funny? I literally used to think that Roddy Ricch and Lil Durk sounded the same back then. Eventually, I was able to figure out the ways that they differ from one another. After uniting for “Moonwalkin” back in 2019, Roddy and Durk are back with a new collaboration single called “Twin.”

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In “Twin,” both Roddy Ricch and Lil Durk rap about f**king with Tia and Tameras, being in the front row of fashion shows, driving cars with 10% tint, staying true to their homies, and stiff-arming bad apples. While Roddy relies on more of a cocky/braggadocios tone in the song, Durk sounds like he had two people in a headlock while he laid down his verse. Both rappers’ styles sound great over the wicked, uptempo trap beat.

Durk loves talking about his brothers in his music. That’s dope.