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maderanged Snaps At The “boogeyman”

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A hip-hop single with an avant-garde style.

Baltimore-based musical creative, maderanged, is a hip-hop artist that does a good job of standing out. When it comes to style, the East African native’s “distinct lyricism, vulnerability, and charismatic production” showcase his storytelling abilities. At the same time, they make it clear that the rapper is a true wordsmith. Since maderanged’s initial debut in early 2022, he has only continued to gain recognition for his work. His single, “hopscotch,” earned more than half a million plays across all streaming platforms. This single, and more, are available on Spotify and SoundCloud. maderanged’s latest drop is the hip-hop single “boogeyman.”

Starting out with a vibrant blend of instrumentals to accompany its extended intro, “boogeyman” shows off its unique style right from the start. Lyrics like “Hocus pocus, I demonstrate considerable focus, I polished these vocals, I tamed these sentence structures and nouns” and “This my victory lap, this my realm of belief, This is Moses creating sand from the depths of the sea” are delivered with an electrifying punch. There’s a feeling of victory, of coming from the bottom and rising to the top with every incredible feat accomplished. However, the fear comes from failure, providing us with the nightmare that takes the shape of a boogeyman. Additionally, there’s no shortage of slick-flowing verses and a distinctive structure that proves maderanged’s soulful sound is miles ahead of the generic-sounding masses. So, press play on the song to experience your own “boogeyman.”

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