Ben Wolf Has A "Truth Untold"

Truth Untold

Ben Wolf

A dreamy pop track about the words left unsaid.

Ben Wolf is a Belgian bedroom pop artist. Originally, Wolf had no interest in music and was focused on studying medicine. However, after experiencing hardships on that path, he needed an escape so. As a result, Wolf turned to music. He used music as a way to express himself after grieving the loss of his best friend. Additionally, he created songs that are dreamy and introspective to reflect his emotions. Since then, Wolf has been churning out bedroom pop hits. Recently, he signed to Rexius Records in May 2022. His discography is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Ben Wolf’s latest hit is the pop track, “Truth Untold.”

“Truth Untold” is a song that will leave you with shivers down your spine. Of course, the tender sounds of an acoustic guitar help to begin this with soft intensity. Wolf sings about the loss of love he’s experiencing, about the lack of friendship he’s now left with. There’s so much he wants to say, but he’s been shut out. His words are falling on deaf ears. The ache and regret in his heart is amplified by his soulful, yet haunting vocals. Lyrics like “I hope you learn to love yourself / Cause I know for sure I did” fully express what Wolf has been keeping inside him. Instead, he reminds us that we don’t always get the proper closure we’re looking for. Sometimes, our feelings won’t be properly conveyed. So, stream Ben Wolf’s “Truth Untold” for when you can’t find your own closure.