J KASH Loves "Friday"



A pop-R&B song with all the vibes.

Hailing from Chicago, Joshua Lamar Clark, better known as J KASH, is an independent artist. Kash has 10 years of experience singing, songwriting, and producing. Having been heavily active in the underground scene, he’s now ready to reach mainstream success. KASH’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. His latest single is “Friday” featuring 4KD, a pop hit about the energy that comes with everyone’s favorite day of the week.

Friday can never come quickly enough, but these artists make that longing even worse. It perfectly counts down the week while keeping the energy up. Lush and hypnotic synths with a fast-paced beat combine to make a sound that oozes feel-good vibes. J KASH exudes classic R&B vocals that are reminiscent of artists like Jeremiah and Ray J. His lyrics are filled with all the activities that will take place on a Friday, like getting lit and maybe taking someone home. 4KD provides an additional lively verse that adds to the hyped energy of the track. Overall, this hit gives a fun and fresh vibe that will excite you for the weekend. So, stream J KASH’s “Friday” to listen to a song that helps get you through the week.

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