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Listen To “Whole Lotta Flexin 1.5” By Mike Van Gogh

Whole Lotta Flexin 1.5 (Album)

Mike Van Gogh

Based on his performance on this album, Mike Van Gogh is allowed to do all the flexing he wants!

Unfortunately, Mike Van Goh is not related to my favorite painter of all time, Vincent Van Gogh. The good news is this, though: Mike creates masterpieces just like him. Since 2019, the up-and-coming rapper has taken his time building his resume, releasing singles here and there and a couple of brief projects. From the start, Mike has had a level of confidence that is hard to ignore. Matter of fact, in his first single, “NBA JAM,” he lets it be known that he is a baller and someone that you shouldn’t doubt. With that being said, in Whole Lotta Flexin 1.5, Mike’s latest project, he sounds completely unguardable.

I absolutely f**k with the production on Whole Lotta Flexin 1.5. Throughout the project, there are cold, hypnotizing trap beats that give me Metro Boomin vibes. I am a fan of how Mike Van Goh acquiesces to what each beat asks for, never doing too much from a tone standpoint. What he does do is hit us with steady flows and tons of trill lyrics. Overall, I just love how this EP flows.

My favorite tracks from Whole Lotta Flexin 1.5 are “don’t want it,” “nowadays,” “out of my face,” and “killswitch.”

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