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Bad Bunny & Ñengo Link Up For “Gato De Noche”

Gato De Noche

Bad Bunny & Ñengo

I’m listening to anything Bad Bunny these days.

I hate to sound like a groupie, but I think that Bad Bunny has an amazing voice. He’s also a pretty solid actor, too (He did a decent job in Bullet Train). Matter of fact, I think Bunny elevates whatever song, film, or TV show he is on just based on his presence (OK, I’m definitely starting to sound like a groupie). With that being said, today, a track called “Gato De Noche” with Bad Bunny and Ñengo hit streaming services. Of course, I pressed play on that s**t.

This song probably goes crazy in clubs. “Gato De Noche” is powered by the kind of beat that will pick fights with huge speaker systems, highly infectious melodies, and lyrics that I am assuming has to do with finessing. Someone tell me where the closest Reggaeton club is to me!

Listen to “Gato De Noche” below!

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