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Logic Takes Aim At Braggadocios Rappers In “Inspiro”

IMG via Logic



Legit question: Do you care that Logic is unretired?

Do you know why I think people f**k with Logic so much? Because he raps for middle-class individuals that don’t understand why rappers are so flashy. In other words, he is the AOC of hip-hop: Someone who stands up for the little guy! Today, Logic decided to release “Inspiro,” a track in which he calls out flashers, braggers, and boasters.

The beat that powers “Inspiro” boasts these quirky, old-school hip-hop vibes. As for Logic, he relies on tongue-twisting flows to let the world know that he doesn’t rap for money, that he’s happier now that he is remarried, and that he doesn’t like rhyming (I know, confusing). What’s interesting is that he speaks from two different perspectives in the song: Himself and Soulja Boy.

Give “Inspiro” by Logic a shot below.

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