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Do You Mind

Vedo & Chris Brown

This is vintage Chris Brown right here!

Sadly, before today, I didn’t know who Vedo was. What I found out about him a few minutes ago is that he is from Benton Harbor, Michigan, that he is black, and that he makes music. Why do I feel like it’s imperative that I know who Vedo is? Because he, along with Chris Brown, may have dropped the song of the week in “Do You Mind.”

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I’m calling it now: “Do You Mind” will get played on the radio quite a bit in the next couple of weeks. Not only will the song’s sly melodies and uptempo R&B beat put music fans in a good mood, but I also think that the song’s style will give you flashbacks to Chris Brown’s heyday.

I swear, Chris Brown is unwashable. As good as Vedo is on this song, Chris just sounds better.