Russ should call his next album “Rap Success for Dummies.”

You know you have matured when you realize that Russ isn’t talking s**t in his music; he’s trying to look out for folks. Yes, some of his advice comes in the form of insults, but I’m sure everyone that has played with Michael Jordan has been insulted by the former Bulls shooting guard before. Anywho, today, Russ decided to release “PUT YOU ON GAME,” a track that will teach you how to make smarter moves in your life.

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First and foremost, kudos must go to Russ for making the tough-ass beat that powers this song mainly from scratch. The other day, I watched a video of him putting it together. Kudos must also go to Russ for hitting us with the kind of advice that we don’t want to hear but probably SHOULD hear. In his verses, he recommends effective ways to spend our money, how we should control our emotions, and who we should fall in love with. No bulls**t, this is the most important release of the year thus far.

Give “PUT YOU ON GAME” a shot below.