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TeyJon Knows You “Like This”

TeyJon Knows You've Never Known Love "Like This"

Like This


An R&B track that sets the mood.

Hailing from Edmonton, North London, TeyJon is a rising artist. With a Caribbean background, TJ was raised with both British and Caribbean cultures. He grew up embracing a diverse set of music genres like country, gospel, and soca. His father’s love of music had the biggest impact on him, leading him to want to become a musician. As an artist that values words, TJ tries his best to create music that is true to himself and his experiences. He’s constantly growing and evolving, so his music reflects his different life phases. TJ’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. His latest release is the single “Like This,” a track where he shows he’s the perfect lover.

A clean and slow rhythmic sound helps to set the romantic mood in “Like This.” Delicate vocals from TeyJon carry the listener’s mind into one that’s filled with love and desire. You may have experienced other bachelors before, but TJ is sure none of them compare to him. He’s straight to the point with what he wants and what he can give. TJ’s fiery confidence will draw you into the lust-filled track. With savvy and passionate lyrics, he creates an atmosphere that’ll leave you craving a deep romance. You’ll never want another man again if you’re with him. So, stream TeyJon’s “Like This” for a song that puts you in a mood full of passion and play. 

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